Translation guide

  • Visit the downloads section to obtain the last version of translation files. You will find two versions, the castillian template (plantilla idioma.lng) and the english template (language template.lng).
  • Open the template file with a plain text editor (for example, Notepad++.
  • The lines that contains the # character are comments, so it will be ignored.
  • The lines with characters @@ are lines of the translation information. At the moment, only uses Idioma and Autor/a. In the first enter the translation language, in the second your name or nick.
  • The lines that start with two numbers 0n are the translatable lines. Change the code at right of the = sign by the text you want.

Things to consider

You must to let the white spaces and the key with the same format (ie, in the 0N.controlName = Text form). Keep the white spaces after and before of the = symbol.
  • Do not use the apostrophe ', since it causes errors when used to delimit strings, instead uses ´ or `.
  • Do not enter line break in long sentences. The entire sentence should be in the same line.

Once you've finished the translation, you can send it to translation forum allowing people to download it.

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